About Bill Wolf
Bill has been the go to guy for artists both on the local and national stage for over 35 years. His Grammy award-winning work is impeccable, he has a keen ability to bring out the best in your music, with great attention to detail. Bill is expanding his services and will be glad to work with you to reach your goals affordably. Glad to discuss your musical projects big and small.
Services we offer
Wolf Productions offers a wide array of audio services. If you have a specific need or question call us and we will be glad to review options and solutions for your project.

    Mastering is the last stage of production and the first stage of manufacturing.The goal is to deliver the artists’ vision in as many formats and to as many environments as possible. This includes CDs, Vinyl Discs, Compressed formats (MP3s and Itunes), Streaming, Video (YouTube, etc.), thumb drives, and more. Sometimes a different set of masters will be required for each environment.

    Production can include any and all of the following:
    Working with the artist in:
  • Selection of material
  • Hiring musicians
  • Selecting a studio and engineer(s)
  • Arranging and orchestration
  • Vocal arranging
  • Demo recording
  • Working with the artist in deciding “when it’s good enough”
  • Organizing video production
  • Deciding on distribution channels

Contact us

email Bill: wawolf47@outlook.com
phone or text: 703-862-3392